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Show your prowess in a dexterous mini-game to win the hearts of seven sisters in venomoose’s Wild Journey, an arcade game now available on Steam.

Wild Journey is a simple action game in which you get to spend time with seven heroines. The gameplay is reminiscent of titles you could find in arcades, with the goal to bounce a ball down a shaft that goes through rings. As your ball falls, you have to rotate the shaft to catch gems and breakthrough parts of the ring that have the same color as your ball. Smashing through rainbow rings changes the color of the ball, forcing you to adapt on the fly while aiming for increasingly smaller spaces.

As you play through the levels of this game, one of the seven heroines will watch you and comment on your performance. If you can best enough levels, you will begin to unlock new functions for interacting with the girl, beginning with dialogue options and eventually leading to an interactive sex scene where you can use various toys to pleasure the heroine.

Wild Journey is a mature arcade game with dating elements. Experience 3 stages of the relationship: Flirt, Desire and Love. Get to know all the 7 sisters before you become their lover. Unlock 63 various dialogues with English and Japanese voice-over and play unlimited number of bouncing ball levels!

Features list

• 7 lovely sisters each with unique personalities, appearance and preferences

• 63 diverse lines of dialogues, professionally acted by English and Japanese voice actresses

• unlimited number of bouncing ball levels - rotate the platforms to align the ball with the cracks

• with live2D technology you will be able to move and seduce all the girls - each sister has multiple interactive animations!

• a gorgeously composed soundtrack containing 8 tracks of original music in japanese style

• learn all the deepest secrets and desires of Fuyu, Megumi, Ruri, Aiko, Sayo, Shizuku and Koyuki!

Wild Journey is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $2.39 until August 2nd, at which point it will cost $2.99.

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