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After a cheerful girl has turned into a cold adult, you try to ease her loneliness in the game Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia.

Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia is about Kaede Uzuki, a girl who was once loved by everyone. However, once she became an adult and moved away from home, she started to change. She started finding people more irritating, the warm look in her eyes has gone cold, and the cheerful personality from her youth is gone. Due to this change, her friends have started to distance themselves from her and Kaede feels more alone than ever.

You play as a college student who moved from another city. Every night, you would see Kaede on the bridge, staring emotionlessly at the sky. You take an interest in her, but she has no feelings for you. After trying so hard to get her attention, you’ve become an affectionate lover. What Kaede yearned for most was the affection she lost. How do you intend to fulfill her desire?

This game has two modes, normal and SD. Normal mode gives you a first person view while SD mode gives you a second person view that is similar to a sidescroller. Kaede has an affection bar that you need to fill up in order to reach the next H-level. As you increase the H-level, more features will be unlocked. You will be able to customize Kaede’s appearance, the location, and sex acts as you unlock them. Make her wear a swimsuit or a school uniform, have her tie her hair up, and even give her elf ears.


In this version, you just need to fulfill her thirstiness for affection. reach a higher level of H-level to unlock some features. there are 2 modes you can play. Normal mode and SD mode.


Basic translation (English/Japanese).

150+ total of UNCENSORED H-animated scenes.

Adult woman trying on her old schoolgirl uniforms in role-playing

Voiced by Yuu Kawase.

1280x720 resolution with 60fps.


This is an instant date version. that means there's no story in the gameplay itself. it focused on simulation.

The story version of this game is under development.

You can purchase Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia on Steam for $14.99.

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