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Fantasize Games' first release, the tower defense game Beautiful Mystic Defenders, now has a demo available on Steam.

Fantasize Games first release on Steam, Beautiful Mystic Defenders, is a tactical tower defense game mixed with elements of a romantic harem visual novel, where an average guy working a 9-5 job gets transported to another world after clicking a link to an “out of this world” harem game. Even though it looked sketchy, he did it anyway, only to be sucked into his computer and dropped in the middle of a forest. He encounters five beautiful girls who are caught in an ongoing war with monsters that want to invade their land; at the rate, it’s going, they may actually lose to the monsters. They need a tactician who is familiar with the battle, and though the protagonist might not be one in name, he has played a lot of strategy games, so maybe he can help them.

Before you start a level, you can choose a heroine and upgrade your towers’ strengths and defenses. Each girl is a different class of fighter, such as a warrior, mage, sorceress, etc. Each one will have their own abilities and some are better ranged fighters than melee. You can only use one heroine in battle at a time, so you will need to level them up separately. Before the battle begins, you can set up towers in select areas with the money you have available. When you're ready, click the button on the path with the monster symbol. The button won’t always be in the same location, and is used to indicate where the first wave of enemies is coming from. Use that to figure out where to place your towers first.

When the battle begins, waves of enemies will keep coming until the boss arrives. As you reach the higher levels, you will need to update your towers as needed, selling the towers you don’t need and upgrading the ones you wish to improve. After every few levels, you will get some story scenes with the girls, including some animated sex scenes with them.

Game Features:

- Kingdom Rush (TD) meets Hentai!

- Gorgeous anime-style artwork with high quality animations

- Japanese voice-over for all ladies

- Engaging tactical tower defense gameplay

- Utilize and level up heroines

- Obtain permanent upgrades for towers and heroine skills

- Cute harem love story

- Variety of sex scenes

The demo of Beautiful Mystic Defenders is currently available on Steam, with the full game planned to release sometime in October 2021.

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