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Journey through a fantasy world with companions as you explore different islands with new creatures and terrain in Magissy, available on

Magissy is an action RPG that puts you in the role of an adventurer, who starts his journey with nothing but a broken sword. You’ve become a victim of fate and ended up on Lirn, a flying island powered by magic. While trying to make your way to the city, you accept numerous odd jobs from a nomad, blacksmith, a village wife, and various other people you find around the island. They supply you with boots, a functional sword, leather armor, and healing potions. Find out what awaits you in town and on the other islands as you explore this vast world.

The gameplay will have you accepting various quests that range from harvesting cabbages, retrieving an amulet from a troll’s cave, or stealing a fertility potion from fire mages. There is a compass at the top of the screen with the symbol for each quest you’ve accepted and, if you are collecting multiple items, you will see multiple locations on the compass with the item you need. As of this build, there are five girls you can have sex with. Complete their requests and they will fuck you, and even join you as a companion to fight beside you. When you complete the girls’ quests in story mode, you additionally unlock them in harem mode, which is a mode where you can play all the adult scenes of the girls you unlocked.

The rewards received from looting chests and boxes all have a carry weight. You can only hold so much on your person until it becomes too heavy, leaving you unable to carry anything else. Items have a variety of uses. There are equipables like weapons and armor, food and drinks that restore health and stamina, and materials that you can use for crafting and alchemy. There are also monster trophies and miscellaneous items that can be sold off for money.

For future builds of Magissy, Bit Fat Games plans to add new enemies, locations, and more quests. There will also be a free mode, and the option to play as a female character.

- RPG-system which allows playing with your preferable style

- Male and female playable character

- Huge and colorful 3d-action world

- Many unique fully-voiced adult scenes

- Original storyline inspired by most iconic RPGs

- Interactable female NPCs, fully-voiced by professional actresses

- Advanced fighting system

- Crafting system

You can play the current build of Magissy, listed as "name your own price," on It's also planned to be released on Steam sometime in 2022. If you enjoy the game and would like to support the devs, consider checking out Bit Fat Games’ Patreon page.

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