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Take revenge on adventurers who humiliated you in Srloop’s Failed Adventurer, a puzzle game published by Lewd Formosa and Srloop on Steam.

In Failed Adventurer, you play as a self-centered, sleazy adventurer, who used his influence to molest women. Being the only A-rank adventurer in town, the protagonist could live a life free of consequence: the locals needed him to protect them and weren’t strong enough to rise against him. This all changes when two S-rank adventurers — a powerful witch and a rightful paladin — come to the town, humiliating the protagonist and kicking him out of the guild.

Having no place to sleep in town, the failed adventurer makes his way to the abandoned ruins nearby, where fortune smiles upon him once again. Through sheer luck, the man discovers a forgotten artifact known as the devil cube. While it's of unknown power and origin, the cube bestows the protagonist with enough strength to defeat even a demon on his own. Having harnessed the cubes’ powers, the failed adventurer quickly begins to plot revenge on everyone who had wronged him.

Each segment of the story in Failed Adventurer is designed in the style of a visual novel. Whenever the protagonist begins to fight another character, the game transitions to its puzzle portion, where the player has to click on connected groups of tiles on a square grid to perform attacks against their opponent. The clicked tile will become stronger by one level, while tiles of the same type connected to it will disappear, causing new blocks to fall onto the board. There are multiple types of tiles, with some dealing elemental damage to the opponent, while others may heal the player instead. Every few turns, the enemy will do a move of their own, with the player’s goal being to defeat their adversary before their health depletes. As the protagonist defeats various women he meets throughout the story, he will then abuse them in animated sex scenes.

This game is a beautiful girl + elimination + GALGAME game. In the game, you will play the role of a ghost adventurer who has obtained a devil cube. You will launch a series of revenge actions against all the beautiful girls who have hurt your self-esteem. Finally, you will save the world for your own ambition.ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ


Although it looks similar, this is not a traditional match-3 game.

After clicking the beads, the beads connected to it will be eliminated and the skills will be cast. The more connected beads, the higher the damage!

The clicked bead will increase by one level. When the bead reaches the full level, it will eliminate the same attribute bead on the whole screen and cast the secret skill causing huge damage!

Pay attention to the layout of the beads, properly eliminate and upgrade the beads is the key to pass the game and control the battle!

Failed Adventurer is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.49 until July 31st, at which point it will cost $4.99. A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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