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[UPDATED] 7/21/2021 1:58 EDT: We received two screenshots from Sad Panda Studios and made a small update to the tags. [/UPDATED]

While leading a life of seclusion in the mountains, a girl caught in a storm changes your world in Cabin Fever, now available on Steam.

Cabin Fever was developed by Steamy Buns Games and published by Sad Panda Studios, who previously developed Crush Crush and Blush Blush. Though Steamy Buns Games is a separate studio from Sad Panda Studios, it does include some of the same people. In Cabin Fever, you live off of the mountain, away from civilization. Most of the world was ravaged by a fatal pandemic, but you manage to live on your own, tending to your vegetable garden and raising your own chickens. You are also able to work remotely as a computer programmer. Even if you're alone, you were okay with it.

On a stormy night, an injured girl appears on your property and you feel the need to help her; but then, should you help her? After all, she could be dangerous or a carrier of the pathogen. As your mind crumbles, you are torn between what’s moral and logical. The fact that she’s pretty doesn’t help mattes, either.

Cabin Fever will give players multiple choices, endings, and scenes to experience a budding friendship bloom into romance. There are two available voices for the protagonist: a higher pitched, feminine voice and a deeper, more masculine voice.


- Stunning artwork, including over 20 beautifully illustrated CGs, 140 character poses, and 60 unique backgrounds

- An unforgettable soundtrack with 14 original themes

- Beautiful voice performances in English, with the option to choose the protagonist's voice

- More than 3 hours of gameplay with a branching, replayable storyline

You can buy Cabin Fever on Steam for $9.99. The game also has 18+ uncensored DLC available for $1.99.

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