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Yuri Visual Novel Negligee: Opposites Attract Now Available on Steam

A young girl goes out on a new date following a breakup in Dharker Studio’s Negligee: Opposites Attract, a romance visual novel now available on Steam.

Negligee: Opposites Attract follows Charlotte, a young woman working at the titular lingerie store Negligee. Ever since she was dumped by her girlfriend, Mikka, Charlotte hasn’t quite been herself. Sophie, her friend from work, invites Charlotte to go out with her, hoping that some time together might just cheer her up. Perhaps their night together might even turn much more intimate than either of the two girls first expected.

The visual novel is a part of the Negligee series but doesn’t require knowledge of previous entries to enjoy. The entire story revolves around the relationship between Charlotte and Sophie, which is influenced by the decision the player makes throughout the game's branching story, ultimately leading to one of the multiple endings.

Charlotte, a young woman who works at the lingerie shop: Negligee, has been dumped by her long term girlfriend Mikka and is feeling a bit down in the dumps. Fortunately her fellow sales assistant 'Sophie' insists on taking Charlotte out to try and cheer her up. But Sophie is quite a wildcat with a crazy past and who knows where such a date could lead.

A Yuri/Lesbian themed visual novel story with multiple branches and endings.


Negligee: Opposites Attract is a visual novel style game, which involves following a story and making decisions throughout, these decisions will affect not only the story that unfolds but the eventual conclusion. Will Charlotte simply have a good or bad night or will the night out with Sophie lead to something sexy at its conclusion. The game is fully uncensored and includes intimate content between consenting female characters who are aged 18 or over.


The game features 'yuri'/'lesbian' themed content between two women: Charlotte and Sophie.

The story is a stand alone adventure and you do not need to have played any other game to enjoy it.

However for those interested these characters have previously appeared in the following games we have created in the past:

• Negligee (Charlotte and Sophie)

• Negligee: Love Stories (Charlotte and Sophie)

• Love in the Limelight (Sophie)

• Cam Girls: Sophie X Rias (Sophie)

Negligee: Opposites Attract is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $1.59 until July 22nd, at which point it will cost $1.99.

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