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Azucat's 3D Battle RPG Little Bitch! Released on DLsite

Exorcise a demon out of your niece with the power of your sperm in Little Bitch!, now available on DLsite.

Little Bitch! is an RPG where a casual day taking care of your niece becomes a debaucherous time for an exorcism. On occasion, you need to watch after your niece Yuzu because her parents are busy with work. She’s usually quiet and really shy, but she opened up to you a bit after the two of you played games together. On one of the days you were supposed to watch her, Yuzu was acting differently. She’s making outrageous insults, beating you up, trying to steal money from you. You then realize that there is a demon inside her womb, and it can increase her physical strength. You're left with one option: you must put an end to this by saving Yuzu with your holy sperm.

The battle mechanics in the game involve filling your AP gauge before performing actions. You can use the AP points to block or evade attacks, destroy and steal clothing, and attack Yuzu physically or sexually. You can earn points by waiting for the bar to fill or taking damage. When you are ready to attack, click the screen. A menu with actions along with their AP prices will appear. Choose the one you want to use and continue the fight.

If you lose the fight, you will be sent to the main menu where you can choose missions, buy items, and increase your stats. You still earn points from losing fights, so you can adjust your stats and see where you need improvement. If you win, you receive points, money, and a sex scenes where you fuck the demon out of Yuzu. During the sex scenes, you can have free control over the camera, the speed of your thrusting, and how visible you want yourself to be.

There is an option to customize Yuzu at the title screen. With over one hundred customization options, you can design Yuzu however you like. You can change her height, skin color, eyes, hair, breasts, hips, and more. Change her style with different clothing and accessories. You can even use and combine clothing patterns or use the custom option and use .PNG files and transparent .PNGs as textures. This game is also compatible with Vroid textures as well.

You can purchase Little Bitch! on sale from DLsite for ¥1,683 yen [approximately $15.30 USD]. After July 25th, the sale will end and the price will return to ¥1,980 [approximately $18.00 USD]. Additionally, there is a demo available, so you can try the game out for yourself before making a decision.

As is often the case, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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