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Grab up to sixteen games in the Sakura franchise at a reduced price in the Humble Sakura Series Bundle.

The Sakura series of games is a sizable franchise of visual novels developed by Winged Cloud. These visual novels tell separate stories taking place in across all kinds of different settings and genres, from modern slice-of-life romances to fantasy adventures, with the majority of them sharing a comedic, lighthearted tone.

Winged Cloud has now partnered with Humble Bundle to offer a large collection of their games, bundled together in the form of the Humble Sakura Series Bundle. Until the sale's end on July 30th, you can purchase either five, ten, or sixteen games from the franchise, by grabbing one of the following tiers:

By paying $1 or more, you can gain access to:

Sakura Agent ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Gamer ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Sadist ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Shrine Girls ($9.99)

Sakura Space ($9.99) (Adult patch)

By paying $10 or more, you’ll also receive:

Sakura Fox Adventure ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Gamer 2 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura MMO 3 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Nova ($14.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Swim Club ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Lastly, for $12, you will also gain access to:

Sakura Dungeon ($19.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Knight 2 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Knight 3 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Succubus ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Succubus 2 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

Sakura Succubus 3 ($9.99) (Adult patch)

The Humble Sakura Series Bundle is now available on Humble Bundle until July 30th. Part of the proceedings will go to a charity of your choice, located within the US, Canada, UK, Ireland or Australia.

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