Fapping is more than just a game

OTAKU Plan has published Undercover Agent, an RPG where you must infiltrate a criminal organization, on Steam.

Developed by AleCubicSoft, Undercover Agent has you play Saki, an undercover agent working for a national intelligence organization. She is on a mission to take down a human trafficking organization, with her objectives including locating their base, obtaining files of their dealings, and destroying their facilities. To start her mission off, Saki allows herself to be captured by the criminals to gain entry, so she doesn’t have a weapon or her communication device to call for backup. She'll have to complete this mission on her own, using her body and wit to avoid becoming another victim of human trafficking.

The battles are one-on-one and turn-based, where you can use cards that will either have offensive or defensive actions on them. Choose the card that best suits the situation to defeat the enemy, before moving onto the next level until Saki reaches her goal. You're free to build up your deck however you want, so pay attention to the enemy’s actions so that you can strategize, counter and outsmart them. Moreover, if you lose the battle, you get a sex scene.


Undercover agent Saki has been given a new mission. She has to locate the headquarters of a criminal organization, steal their secret data, and destroy their facilities.

This organization performs human trafficking, and Saki lets herself be kidnapped to infiltrate it. This works, but now she has no weapon nor communication device. She is on her own, and she has a mission to complete.

Saki uses cards to choose offensive and defensive actions in the battle to break through each level until she reaches her goal.


- 1-on-1 turn battle mode

- Use cards to select command

- Create the best deck to win against each enemy

You can buy Undercover Agent on Steam for $7.99. The game doesn't have adult content included by default, with free DLC being made available that unlocks the 18+ content.

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