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Two siblings are searching for their father are searching for their father on an unknown island in Magic Fingers’ game currently in development, Forbidden Fruit.

Forbidden Fruit introduces two main characters, Maya and Leo, who return to their family home to find their mother grief stricken. Their father was on an expedition to an island, but he didn’t return on the date scheduled and hasn't contacted their mother at all. The siblings search their father’s study for clues on his whereabouts and find research about an island near the Bermuda triangle, home to mutated animals that share the qualities of humans. With Leo confident in his skills as a pilot and Maya with her curiosity as an archaeologist, the two leave to find their father.

During their flight, their plane crashes and lands on an unknown island during a storm. After searching for help, they find three tribes, the predatory feline Kudjin tribe, the non hostile deer-like Alfin tribe, and the Atlantes people of Ostador, who are the most human of the three. Thus, Maya and Leo begin their cohabitation with the island tribes and attempt to learn the whereabouts of their father.

Forbidden Fruit is a visual novel mixed with a point-and-click adventure game. You switch between Leo and Maya from time to time. Each sibling has their own requests to complete, people to befriend, and sex scenes. You will need to play as both to progress the story. Additionally, there are relationship building as well as day and night systems. Complete character’s requests and choose the right dialogue options to bond with characters, eventually getting them to like you. There are certain items and characters that are only available during certain times of day. You can skip time by clicking the sun or moon icon in the top right corner of the screen.

There are a variety of minigames that show up in requests or islander games. They can range from swapping cups, mazes, and quick time events. The islander games can earn you some coins that you can use in the shop to buy clothes for Maya and Leo, but there are some clothes for Patreon members only.

You can download Forbidden Fruit on Magic Fingers’ Patreon page.

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