Putting the D in the double D.

Challenge yourself with masturbation instructions from an AI in SuccuDev’s Virtual Succubus, a JOI game currently in development.

Virtual Succubus is a game inspired by the "jerk off instruction" flavor of porn. In this game, you make a contract with a succubus, who will challenge you with instructions on masturbation and either reward or punish you, based on your performance.

The challenges are procedurally generated by an AI that remembers your behaviors and preferences and uses them to create sessions comprised of over a thousand potential tasks. The player may configure the rules by choosing which fetishes to include, what toys they have access to, what’s the likelihood for each challenge type to occur, or how long the sessions last, and whether they occur at pre-scheduled times of the day or not.

The succubus herself is an interactive character whose moods affect her behavior and speech patterns in the game’s procedurally generated text. The succubus may even call the player various nicknames, based on her feelings and the player’s behaviors. She will also change her appearance, attempting to find a style that fits the player’s preferences by herself.

Virtual Succubus is being made by an independent and self-taught developer, known as SuccuDev, who used to work on more traditional games before deciding to make an adult title.

Kinks supported: Anal, Oral, Nipples, Kegels, Feet, Clothing, Workout, Forced Orgasms, Post-Orgasm, CEI, Ruin, Orgasm Denial, Breathplay, CBT, Humping, Pet Play, Healslut, Drool, Findom, Exhibitionism, Recording, Degradation, Feminization, Watersports, ABDL, Chastity, Yandere, Armpit

Accessories supported: Insertables, Sleeve Toys (Fleshlight), Plugs, Condoms, Collars, Gags, Ring Gags, Rubber Bands, Nipple Clamps, Clothespins, Vibrators, Insertable Vibrators, Cane, Whip, Cock Ring, Chastity Device, Permanent Marker, Inflatable Plugs, Anal Beads, Oil, Ice Cubes, Tape, Rope, Ankle Cuffs, String, Straw, Pen & Paper, Mirror, Panties, Pantyhose, Makeup, Heels, Lipstick, Pacifier, Baby Bottles, Enema, Diaper, Figging, Syrup, Whipped Cream, Tail Plugs, Dog Toys, BDSM Wax Candles, Ball Press, Humbler, Chopsticks, Inflatable Gag, Strapon, Gasmask, Cumtube

Other content & Options: Cat Girl (Nekomimi), Bunny Girl (Usagimimi), Fox/Wolf Girl (Kitsunemimi/Ookamimimi), Cow Girl (Ushimimi), Raccoon Girl (Tanukimimi), Dragon Girl, Elf, Angel, Piercings, Lactation, Futa, CFNM, Oni, Tanned Skin

A demo of Virtual Succubus is available for PC and Android devices on Itch.io. The full version is available to those who support SuccuDev on Patreon with a pledge of $5 or more.

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