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A nukige developed by Orcsoft is heading to FAKKU, Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is open for pre-order.

From the developer of Childhood Friends with Benefits and Oral Lessons With Chii-Chan, Orcsoft's next title coming over to the West is Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday, featuring art by Mizuryu Kei. The game follows Mamoru Suzusato, a soon-to-be graduate of a rural all boys school. He’s been looking into his possible colleges and one of them is Yaseda University. During summer break, Mamoru is going to stay in a dormitory owned by the Souma family, who happens to live close to the university. The dorm consists of the dorm mother and head of the Souma household, Mitsuko Souma, and her three daughters: Souko, Sayoko, and Kurumi. What Mamoru will soon find out is that he is walking into a dormitory of sex hungry sluts.

Character profiles:

Mitsuko Souma (VA: Kazuha)

The dorm mother and mother of the Souma family. A cousin of Mamoru's mother, she's kind, good-natured, and a wonderful homemaker. Her husband is generally busy with work and doesn't come home often. Although she may appear to be a sensible mother and chaste wife at first glance, the reality is she's constantly lusting after young men's cocks.

Souko Souma (VA: Mei Misonoh)

The oldest daughter of the Souma family. An office worker more concerned with working her pussy than boring paperwork. She's a kind woman who helps out her mother around the house, but she's a terrible drunk and can't conceal her lust the moment she gets some alcohol in her.

Sayoko Souma (VA: Ryoko Tezuka)

The middle child of the Souma family. Don't let her troublemaker-like looks fool you--she works two part-time jobs while attending a prestigious university where she's currently studying to be a lawyer. But, unsurprisingly, she is a troublemaker. One of those part-time jobs is tutoring, and she's well-known for her outstanding ability to turn even the most delinquent-of-delinquents into top-of-the-class students. Her second part-time job is escorting, and unlike her mother and sisters, she expends no effort to hide her incessant thirst for cock.

Kurumi Souma (VA: Ringo Aoba)

The youngest daughter of the Souma family. She has a foul-mouth, and tries to appear like an earnest person who's above her family's antics, but she can be a bit of a rebel. At the same time, thoughand much to her chagrinshe's by far the horniest one out of the bunch. Claims she merely wants a boyfriend, but she'll spread her legs at the slightest sign of interest from most men.

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is set to release sometime around September 2021. For now, you'll be able to pre-order the game on FAKKU for $19.99.

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