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Protect your sexual paradise from those who want to destroy it in Metal Plug, a run-and-gun rouge-like action shooter now available on Itch.io.

Metal Plug is a quick-paced shooter that takes place in Fiona’s forest getaway. She was living out her days in peace, fucking the nice people there and having a good time. Everything was so perfect until some bad guys came and crashed the party. They kidnapped girls and even killed one of Fiona’s friends, who Fiona was in the middle of fucking. Fiona isn’t going to forgive them or let them destroy her paradise. Now, it’s time to kill every last one of these bastards.

To defeat the bad guys will shoot them or shove a fox-tailed buttplug up their asses. You can rescue the girls in bondage by freeing and buttplugging them too. Each time you play Metal Plug, your run will be different. Being a rogue-like, everything will be randomized, including the environments, guns, spells, and mobs. Enemies will drop currency and the occasional weapon from time to time. You could also find health and a shop to upgrade your gun and plugs. If you die, you’ll receive a game over and need to restart the game from the beginning. However, some of your currency may be available in your next run.

Current Features

- 5 levels

- 6 guns : Basic gun (default gun), Boobie blower, Heavy machine gun, 2 differents range laser, fire balls blower

- A cell phone to unlock 11 kinky animations and replay the 6 cutscenes

- 4 spells : Bullet time (default spell), Giant dildo bomb, Plug shield, ROCKET LAWNCHAIR !

You can purchase Metal Plug on Itch.io for $1.99. There is also a demo available if you want to try the game out before buying. If you enjoy JuicyEliot’s content, consider checking out their Patreon page.

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