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Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and X-Change will both be released as complete collections in JAST USA Classics Remastered.

On July 6th, JAST USA announced on their Twitter account that they will be releasing ZyX’s Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 1 and 2, as well as Crowd’s X-Change R, 2, and 3. The two series will be remastered and released in a complete collection, so you won’t have to buy them separately. Additionally, the games' artwork will be upscaled and new HQ music will be included with the games, though you'll have the option to play the game with the classic music as well. The games are now compatible with modern devices and those who bought the original releases through JAST USA's digital store will receive the respective series' Remastered Collection for free. J-List will be handling the physical copies of the Collector’s Editions for these collections.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies? places you in Platinum, a restaurant best known for having gorgeous women in bunny girl outfits serve their guests. You take control of Yukari Fujisawa, the only guy working in the bunny girl-filled restaurant, whom the girls like to tell all kinds of stories to during their off time. After getting the customers excited, the girls can’t help but feel insanely horny at the end of work and want to do all sorts of kinky things. They joke about Yukari joining them in their sexcapades after work, but is it really a joke?

Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2 takes place at a different Platinum restaurant, known as Platinum Oceanside. The protagonist this time is Kazuma, a sommelier who moved to Europe to forget about a breakup. A few years later, he meets his ex, Junka again, who offers him a job position at a high class restaurant she manages in Tokyo. Kazuma agrees without taking the time to think about it and, before he knows it, he ends up as the head sommelier of Platinum Oceanside. To his surprise, all the girls there wear tight bunny girl outfits and they lustily pursue him. Soon after, Kazuma can’t hold himself back and gives in to their advances.

X-Change is an eroge full of gender-bender hijinks. Takuya Aihara is seen as everyone’s punching bag, with both boys and girls taking a liking to picking on him. Just about everyone joins in on the teasing, from his stepsister, Natsumi, to his childhood friend, Asuka. To make his situation even worse, Takuya accidentally spills some chemicals in the school’s chem lab and suddenly transforms into a girl. Now, he’ll have to deal with the struggles of being trapped in a girl’s body and the search for a cure to turn him back.

X-Change 2 has you play as the unlucky Takuya again, only this time, he's now going steady with his girlfriend, Asuka. When the chemistry club member, Chisato captures and uses Takuya as a guinea pig for one of her experiments, she ends up changing him into a girl once again. It’s time for him to relive his past trauma, only this time, he seems to be more popular than ever, with both males and females wanting to fuck him. Will Takuya manage to turn back in time and keep his relationship with Asuka from falling apart?

After turning into a girl twice, Takuya gets turned into a girl for the third time in X-Change 3. Kouji, one of the guys who still wants to bang female Takuya, secretly gets Asami Satoh to create a sex-change potion for him to drink. This time, it proves harder than ever for him to return to normal; if Takuya runs out of time, his transformation into a woman will become permanent. His girlfriend, Asuka is one of the most understanding women in the world, but she unfortunately just isn’t into Takuya like that.

JAST USA will release the complete collection of Do You Like Horny Bunnies? on July 12th, with the X-Change collection releasing sometime in September. You can see the original tweet on JAST USA’s Twitter.

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