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Slice-of-Life Visual Novel Beauty Bounce Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Organize a beach beauty pageant with the help of female staff in Dharker Studio’s Beauty Bounce, a slice-of-life visual novel published by Gamuzumi on the Nintendo Switch.

Beauty Bounce is an ecchi slice-of-life visual novel, as well as a sequel to Beach Bounce. Both visual novels follow a young man named Tomo, who has inherited his grandmother beach resort and has to keep it afloat for not only for his sake, but also for the resort's all-female staff. After having become acquainted with his workers, Tomo now has to face the day-to-day challenges of running the resort, and this time, he’s also been tasked with organizing the local beauty pageant.

Beauty Bounce is the sequel to Beach Bounce. Tomo has inherited his grandmother’s beach resort and he must now prove himself a capable owner. To do this he needs to manage the financial reports to keep the bank happy, and also run an exciting and glamorous local beauty pageant.

This wasn't the job he was expecting to be doing when he learned about the resort and can be quite trying. It’s up to him to keep the park afloat, or otherwise, he’ll put all the girls who work there out of a job.


• Multiple routes and endings to unlock

• Beautiful Anime Girls

• Original soundtrack

Beauty Bounce is now available on the Nintendo eShop for the promotional price of $3.99 and will later cost $4.99 at full price.

Beauty Bounce was also previously released for PC, Linux, and Mac on Steam and Nutaku, where it's available for $9.99. The Nutaku version of the game features fully erotic content, which isn't present on the Nintendo Switch release and has to be installed separately for the Steam release, using a patch available on the developer's website.

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