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Free-to-Play Android Game Mafia King of Underground Deluxe Is Available on Nutaku

Rule the mafia world by making money and conquering enemy gangs in LT Games’ clicker game, Mafia King of Underground Deluxe.

In Mafia King of Underground Deluxe, you work as a mafia boss who aims to take over Milosh City. Maintain your territory by using your city building techniques, eliminating rival gangs, and increasing your status and power. You will make choices in regards to your turf and each choice will lead to different outcomes and rewards. One wrong decision and an ally could easily become an enemy,

Hire and date from over forty hot secretaries from around the world and enjoy some erotic experiences with them. There is a variety of different secretaries to choose from. You can hire hot blondes, crazy nymphos, and cute JKs. Secretaries aren’t the only girls you can recruit. You’ll need some sexy but deadly agents to join your team. These international femme fatales will help you not only take over the Milosh City underground, but the entire criminal underworld.

Join up with other players online to protect and conquer territory or fight against other players to take over their terf. Play the game however you see fit. Become the richest person on the server, the strongest GanStar in the world, or just live in luxury with a bunch of sexy babes.

Key Features:

-Multiple Storyline: Each step you take and each word you say will generate a different reward and will lead to a different outcome.

-Real Life PvP Combat: You can team up or fight against other players online with your elite hot agent to protect your territory and neighborhood.

-Erotic Dialogue: Erotic interactions with your secretaries will give you the steamiest experiences ever.

-40+ Unique Secretary: Hottest secretary babes from around the world

-Customization: Build your own naughty, and at the same time, lethal team who will help you conquer the underground world.

-Dynamic Game Style: Choose your own favorite game style – as a Billionaire, the dreaded Gangster, or a coolest womanizer surrounded by the most gorgeous ladies!

Mafia King of Underground Deluxe is only available as a free-to-play on Android from Nutaku.

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