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DARK SPHERE, an RPG where you can only attack enemies from behind or their sides, has been released on Itch.io, Steam, and Game Jolt.

Developed by dorgel and published by WASABI Entertainment and Medibang, DARK SPHERE is an RPG Maker game where you play as Rifuz, a dark elf warrior determined to save the Kingdom of Dark Elves. An ongoing battle between the Kingdom of Dark Elves and the Army of Orcs has been raging for well over a year. The Spheres, source of the Dark Elves' powers, have been stolen, and all seems lost for their kingdom. Rifuz and other Dark Elf knights take it upon themselves to bring back the orbs and kill the Orc King.

Travel through a kingdom full of mazes and strike the orcs down from either behind or at the sides. These attacks will kill them in one hit. Rifuz is not capable of winning fights face-to-face due to the orcs strength, so she sneaks up and attacks their weak spots. If the orcs attack her and she cannot escape, she will get ambushed by them and an h-scene will play. Even with her tricky maneuvers, she still has to watch out for traps and other malicious contraptions made to hinder her efforts. Just one mistake could mean the end of Rifuz and her goal.

Rifuz is a dark elf warrior who can't win if she fights her enemies head-on.

She has to slash the enemies from the back and the sides!

But the kingdom she visits is full of dark mazes with traps and various contraptions.

If she makes one mistake, the hands of evil will ambush her at once.

Game features:

- Map-based dark fantasy RPG featuring dungeons full of enemies, traps, and mazes.

- You can defeat the enemies just by touching them from the backs or the sides.

- Dungeon guide system.

You can purchase DARK SPHERE on Steam, Itch.io, and Game Jolt for $10.99. There is a 18+ patch available on WASABI Entertainment’s site for the Steam version.

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