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Regain your powers by submitting to villains in dorgel’s KNIGHT SLAVE -The Dark Valkyrie of Depravity-, a fantasy RPG now available on Steam.

KNIGHT SLAVE -The Dark Valkyrie of Depravity- is a fantasy RPG about the dark elf knightess, Refia. Praised for her exceptional skills with the blade, Refia became arrogant and one day decided to challenge the Dragon of Darkness. At first, she seemed evenly matched with the beast, but once her eye was wounded, she became unable to hit the dragon and promptly lost the fight. As her punishment, the dragon took away her powers and sealed them within the semen of villains scattered throughout the lands. To regain her powers and challenge the dragon again, Refia will have to find and submit to those who hold her abilities within them.

The game focuses on combat with simplified dungeon exploration, wherein Refia will have to explore dens of various villains spread along a path. Each dungeon has a number of rooms Refia will have to explore one by one, finding either events, items, or combat encounters within. Fights are turn-based in nature, with Refia always fighting alone, using basic attacks or regained skills to defeat her foes. When playing on normal mode, special abilities require the player to correctly perform a quick time event, otherwise, they will lose their turn.

Using special abilities in battle consumes SP, which Refia can regain by stripping herself naked, allowing an enemy to rape her and refill her energy. Similarly, before each boss fight, Refia will first submit herself to the villain in order to regain her abilities. Sex scenes in KNIGHT SLAVE -The Dark Valkyrie of Depravity- feature animated CGs and multiple speed settings.

Refia, a young female Dark Elf knight, lost a battle to obtain supremacy of darkness.

By the curse of the Black Dragon, Refia lost all powers to perform her Special Attacks.

Refia, with her twin attendants, barge into the dens of evil with her sword to regain her glory.

Fight on, using Refia’s matchless, powerful consecutive sword attacks!

Game feature:

・Dark Fantasy RPG featuring cross-key sword commands to slash the enemies.

Easy Mode available for players who may find the commands difficult.

Mode settings can be changed via the menu screen.

・Dungeon is not in a maze form, but you must fight for your life in consecutive battles.

・Beautiful effects and animations.

・A bonus game after the game credits...

KNIGHT SLAVE -The Dark Valkyrie of Depravity- is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $11.19 until July 8th, at which point it will cost $13.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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