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Work hard to develop a deep relationship with one of four heroines in Marmalade’s Study § Steady, a slice-of-life visual novel published by Shiravune on Johren.

Study § Steady is a romantic slice-of-life visual novel about a young student who ends up in a loving relationship with four girls: the responsible upperclassman, Yuu Omaezaki, the tomboy, Hazuki Kakegawa, the upbeat Nanoka Kinomiya, or the hardworking Mai Maisaka. As the protagonist spends time with the girls, they begin to study his preferences and adjust their behavior, steadily trying to find ways to build a stronger connection and better understand the nature of their relationship.

The story of Study § Steady is driven by important choices, which also affect the appearance of the heroines. The visual novel features thirty hours of storytelling, four lead heroines, over two dozen erotic scenes, and makes active use of E-Mote system for its animations.

Yuu Omaezaki

Your upperclassman by one year, she attends the same school as you.

Her model-class looks have won her fans in every class but her own—is it her stilted speech that sets her aloof?

Deep down, she's a caring older-sister type who'd like nothing more than to spoil you.

"My, you incorrigible thing. Yes, come here, I'll pamper you."

Hazuki Kakegawa

A girl who works at the convenience store near your house.

She's got an open, chummy attitude that wins her pals from geezers to wee'uns.

For someone who goes to an all-girls school, her hobbies, like gaming and biking, are boyish.

"I want you to gimme a good squeeze! C'mon, get in here and hug me!"

Nanoka Kinomiya

Her desk in class is next to yours.

Bright, positive, and inexhaustibly smiley, she's popular.

But passionate, too—she has a dream that pushes her to cram school after class.

"It's fun to whisper in class like this, isn't it?"

Mai Maisaka

A year your junior at your school.

As her mother is a busy hard worker, Mai handles the home front.

Unspectacularly adequate at class and sports, but a dervish with a broom and alchemist with a spoon.

"My heart always leaps when you pat me on the head."

Study § Steady is now available on Johren for the promotional price of $31.84 until July 14th, at which point it will be available for full price at $39.80.

To celebrate the release of Study § Steady, Johren is holding a giveaway of signed illustrations made by the games’ artist, Emily. You can participate in the giveaway on Twitter.

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