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Join the Phantom Thief Ura as he seeks to take down his impostor in Alcot’s Onigokko!, now available on JAST USA and J-List.

Onigokko! is a visual novel based that follows some stories based on mythology. The game is set on Miyajima Island, an island that is known for its mythological history. It is home to the Three Great families, descended from the famous heroes of legends: Momotarou, Kintaro, and Otohime. Together, they protect their families mystical treasures from those who want to steal them. That includes our protagonist.

You play as Ura, the renowned phantom thief, known for his cunning and trickery. He has come to Miyajima Island to track down an unknown foe, masquerading around as him and ruining his reputation. The Three Great families are enemies of Ura and their youngest descendants have sworn to hunt him down. To make things even more troublesome, these young descendants are beautiful girls that go to the same high school as Ura. Join Ura as he searches for his mysterious impostor at night and secretly befriends his enemies during school hours. Maybe he can snatch the mystical treasures up before the the descendants catch on to his schemes.


- A relaxing high school rom-com visual novel with a mythological twist.

- Romance four descendants of ancient Japanese folk heroes.

- Track down a mysterious phantom thief masquerading as yourself, all the while learning about each girl.

- Enjoy a variety of references to stories of old.

- A story-packed game with four routes to choose from, each with its own unique twists.

You can purchase Onigokko! on JAST USA for the discounted price of $31.49. When the sale ends, the price will return to its usual $34.99. You can also get the limited edition of the game on J-List for $69.99. It includes the physical copy of the game, game download code, a special wooden outer box, origami set, A2 cloth poster, and character stickers.

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