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Connect with others in MadDev’s To Be Cultured, a slice-of-life dating sim that's currently in development.

To be Cultured is a slice-of-life game inspired by various other dating sims, which sees you assume the role of a young student living at the house of their parent’s friend. Surrounded by the landlord’s two daughters and a plethora of friends at school, the protagonist has ample opportunity to spend time with others and forge new connections in their daily life.

The gameplay of To be Cultured is divided into two phases: morning and evening. On most days of the week, the player has to spend their morning at school, hanging out with one of their classmates, while the evenings are spent at home. On weekends, the player is free to travel to various locations throughout town, gaining additional opportunities to further develop their character.

A large portion of the game revolves around raising and maintaining stats, which can be improved by committing to specific activities but will decline each day if neglected. These stats later affect the outcome of actions and events that take place as the player develops their relationships with other NPCs. There are currently eight characters in the game, with more on their way. The developer also plans to include some of their favorite mechanics from other games in the future, such as special events on specific days or Tokimeki Memorial’s “bombs”, which made neglected NPCs lower the player’s popularity among other characters, forcing them to spend time with everyone equally.

About "To be Cultured"

To be Cultured is a unique experience for PC, Mac, and Linux. inspiring works like Persona, Tokimeki memorial,... series, and many of the wonderful dating sims out there. The gameplay approach that's a part dating sim, part stat management, with RPG-like systems and a visual novel style presentation. My goal is to create a game that has a mass of developed characters, full of sexy events, and a beautiful world we want to be a part of.

0.01 Contents (Coming soon)

• Explore the city of culture.

• Hang out with friends to gain their trust.

• Chilling at the bar, dancing in NightClub, be rejected by women...

• Grinding stats to become better.

• ,,,

Planned Content

• More character developments, sexy events: This is my priority.

• Costumes and Gifts: Unlock new costumes and special gifts for each girl.

• Bombs/Doubt/Reverse feature: Notable feature in Tokimeki Memorial.

• Events: You can participate in many events and competitions. Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Got talent, Master chef... There will be a lot to discover.

• And more to come...

The latest version of To be Cultured for free for PC, macOS, and Linux on Itch.io. At the moment, MadDev doesn’t plan to charge for access to their project, but you can still support them on Patreon, with Patrons able to vote on what content gets added to the game in the future.

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