Putting the D in the double D.

[UPDATE] 7/1/2021 9:38 EDT: We received two screenshots from SubSupreme to use in the article and updated the tags. They have also informed us that Veronica's Body will receive a free DLC/update since they reached a milestone on Patreon during the game's development. SubSupreme plans to add a fan favorite body transformation/enemy/CG/boss to the game. Veronica's Body is also available on DLsite for $20.89, approximately 2,310 yen, and it will be coming to Steam after this July. [/UPDATE]

Transform the vampire hunter, Veronica, into a variety of perverse creatures inVeronica’s Body, now available on Itch.io.

Veronica’s Body is the sequel to SubSupreme’s previous transformation fetish game, Victoria’s Body. While the first game had you play as the vampire Victoria Trinikhar, this game lets you play as Veronica Silvers, the vampire hunter who is interested in tracking Victoria down to dominate her. When her village gets invaded by Hanaja, the trickster demon, Veronica gets a chance to face off against Victoria and capture her. This is a rare opportunity, but she needs to prevent herself from losing control to the creatures she transforms into.

In the game, you will be fighting waves of creatures in turn-based battles. The creatures are able to humiliate and corrupt Veronica into sexier versions of themselves. Her new forms don’t change her entire body, but she does receive a change to her abilities. Different transformations give her special abilities that Veronica can use inside and outside of battle. Do not worry too much about the transformations, since they are needed to progress further in the game.

You can mix and match her transformation to give her a variety of abilities. There are six transformations in total, leaving you to choose which one for an upper hand in battle. There are six different locations to visit, all with their own unique gimmicks. Try not to get tricked or have Veronica fall into any traps or else an erotic situation may await her.

- Mix and match transformations from six different types to progress through the game

- Manage the build up of transformation energy in battle to gain the advantage

- Travel throughout the land to several unique areas full of tricks and traps

- Gaze upon eight fully illustrated and highly erotic CGs

- 18 Achievements for the challenge hungry masochists and completionists

- A lighthearted story filled with bright and colorful characters

You can purchase Veronica’s Body on Itch.io for $14.99. If you enjoy the game, consider checking out SubSupreme’s Patreon page or itch.io for more info.

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