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Navigate the devil’s maze to fulfill your desires in Evil Boobs Cult’s Sex with the Devil, an action game now available on Steam.

In Sex with the Devil, you play as a toxic, dishonest man, who dies choking on his genitals after trying to perform autofellatio. As a result of having corrupted the hearts of many with his actions in life, he’s sent to hell, where the devil himself takes interest in the man. Having seen the protagonist’s vivid and shocking imagination, he wants to see some of their desires fulfilled and proposes a game to reach such an end: the protagonist only needs to navigate a maze of torture chambers. Should they reach the end of it, the protagonist will be granted one wish and a handful of answers to any questions about the universe they might have.

The game features a total of three levels, with each being a short maze with traps spread throughout. The player has to find a key within the maze and then use it to accesses a hidden portal, allowing them to visit the devil, whereupon they'll enter the next maze. Each of the three labyrinths also houses a number of rooms where hell’s denizens live. Visiting these rooms allows the player to see a variety of hardcore sex scenes, animated from a first-person perspective.

"Hypocrites are people. They are all like that by nature. Imagine a masquerade ball. One dozen, two, three, a hundred or more people Dancing and spinning in the rhythm of music. But everyone is wearing a mask."

What is forgiveness and what is a lie? Where does desire end and vice begins? The project "Sex with the Devil" will allow you to ask these and many other frank questions about the greatest personification of evil in human culture.

The ancient tempter always liked to watch your sinful life, and after death you appear before him in hell. Knowing that you can induce people to fall into sin on social networks, Satan offers to have fun and play a game. The reward will be answers to your deepest questions and fulfillment of your carnal desires.

Key features:

Beautiful and juicy demonesses;

An abundance of hot scenes;

A unique atmosphere of grotesque in the game incarnation of hell;

Explicit scenes of madness and ultra-violence;

The opportunity to get answers to many pressing questions;

Intriguing plot.

Gameplay contains:

1. Conversation with the Devil. At this point you can communicate with the Devil and prepare to play with him;

2. Hell game. For his entertainment the Devil will send you to his labyrinth, full of traps, and start a hunt. If you'll be able to find an exit, as a reward he will grant you one wish;

3. Making a wish come true. For your victory in the previous round, Satan will fulfill your dirty dream. It can be sex with the Satan, beating him up or just a friendly handshake. Also, the Devil can answer any new questions you might have.

Sex with the Devil is now available on Steam for $4.99.

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