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Hunt for the treasure of the Virgin Goddess in K's creative room’s Virgin Island, an RPG published by Kaguya on

Virgin Island is a fantasy RPG following the adventures of the treasure hunter Rifi. The heroine has heard rumors of a legendary treasure called the “Lithograph of the Virgins of the Goddess” being located on the remote island of Karapa. The treasure can allegedly fulfill any wish of the one who can find it. Tempted by such an opportunity, Rifi makes her way to the island, hoping to be the one to rediscover the ancient treasure.

The game is an open-ended RPG where the player controls Rifi, going about looking for the treasure in any way they see fit. The island is large, populated both by many NPCs in need of aid, as well as monsters and the dungeons they dwell in. As Rifi explores the island, she has many opportunities to discard her virginity and may as well lose it by force, at the hand of monsters or crooks. The amount of sexual experience Rifi has by the end of the story affects the ending and losing her virginity alone will cause Rifi to lose access to certain items and skills requiring purity.

Virgin Island features over one hundred CGs with variations to discover, offering between five to eight hours of content with eight different endings. The game is only partially uncensored, as some pieces of artwork still feature mosaic censorship, but the publisher is working on removing the mosaics completely.

Rifi, a treasure hunter, is looking for “Lithograph of the Virgins of the Goddess.” For this, she sails to the island Karapa inhabited by monsters. However, this is not the only danger that awaits her. Men who are ready to do anything for money, lustful demons, and a mysterious group that is in the shade. Can you help find the “lithograph” and protect Rifi, a girl with a pure heart? There's multiple sex events all over the island. Can you keep Rifi intact until the end of the game?


• More than 100 CGs with variations

• 5-8 Hours of Content• Unlockable artwork and sex scenes

• 8 Different Endings

The Game Contains:

• Rape

• Ugly Bastard• Voyeurism

• Gangbang• BDSM

• Monster Rape• Tentacles

Virgin Island is now available on for $15. The demo section of the store page doesn’t contain a preview of the game, instead linking to the run time package used by the RPG Maker VX engine, which is required to run the game. You can also download it from RPG Maker’s official website.

You can read about our experiences with the game in the LewdLook we've taken at the fan-translated version of Virgin Island, available here.

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