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Laxlenon Is Developing Adventure Eroge The Merits of Lust

The first public release of the fantasy side-scroller The Merits of Lust is available on laxlenon’s Patreon.

The Merits of Lust is a 2D fantasy game about a young man who is awakening to a powerful lust within him. The small village you live in is often under threat by monster attacks. In order to protect your village and the people you care about, you must learn how to use the power of lust to your advantage.

As you start The Merits of Lust, you first get the choice to name your character, the two women living with him, and their relation to him. If you choose not to make any changes, the protagonist’s name defaults to Aidan. The two women default to Marian and Chloe, and they are Aiden’s step-mother and step-sister. The current build of the game begins with Aiden waking from a strange dream where he feels like something is boiling inside him. His step-mother Marian sends him to look for his step-sister Chloe, who is outside somewhere with a friend.

After speaking to the other villagers, he learns that Chloe is in the forest, which is where monsters usually reside. Hearing Chloe scream from the forest, Aidan rushes in just as Chloe and her friend are running out. He runs straight into the monster, but before it could land an attack, a voluptuous witch saves him and defeats the monster. The witch, who later introduces herself as Sheila, takes Aidan to her hut to examine him. She knows what is going on with him and tells him that his kind of people are rare. Sheila can help him with his power, but he is not ready yet.

In the next build of The Merits of Lust, laxlenon plans to add combat, an easily hidden HUD, the ability to change the opacity of the dialogue box, more scenes, and expressive character sprites. Also, the gallery will become semi-functional and the story will continue from where it left off.

You can download The Merits of Lust on one of laxlenon’s posts on Patreon. If you are interested in funding the game’s development, you can donate to them on Patreon.

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