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Enter into show business by becoming an adult Idol in Toffer Team’s LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1, a yuri visual novel published by Denpasoft on multiple storefronts.

LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 is a yuri romance comedy following the young and hopeful Kairi, as she pursues her dream to become an idol. Hoping to fulfill her lifetime goal, Kairi moved to Akihabara and began applying to idol agencies; however, the first fifteen agencies outright rejected her. Nearly depressed and deeply in debt, Kairi is saved by Ranko, a former Idol who failed to gain any remarkable popularity in her twenties but decided to continue her career by becoming a producer and manager. Ranko has one big idea that she hopes will let her finally make it big in the idol world: a lewd idol project. With her first idol being the desperate Kairi, the two of them form their own idol group.

LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 was made after a successful crowdfunding campaign, where it raised 369% of its initial goal. Thanks to that, the first volume features fully uncensored yuri artwork, partial Japanese voice acting, a large selection of unlockable costumes for the heroines, gacha, and crane minigames with collectibles, a branching storyline, and two extra fanservice chapters, which play out at the beach. Thanks to the additional stretch goals, there are also plans to continue the series in the future, with two more volumes.


Kairi is a young, innocent, and cheerful girl with a dream… Becoming the biggest and most popular Idol ever!

She recently moved to Akihabara in order to achieve this, but she’s been rejected by around fifteen different agencies so far… Why is this adult life so difficult!?

Already short on money, with some increasing debt, and feeling defeated by yet another failed audition, she meets Ranko, a perverted and self-proclaimed lewd producer that introduces the shy Idol wannabe into her most recent and ambitious project… LIP! Lewd Idol Project.

With nothing left to lose, and more questions than answers about this adult oriented Idol group, she embarks into the adventure of a lifetime!

Are you ready for it?

Key Features

• High-quality anime-style artwork

• Fully uncensored yuri 18+ CGs

• Unlockable CG Gallery to view erotic scenes and character sprites

• Alternative Costumes and Collectibles to unlock

• Gacha and Crane Machine Mini-Games

• Relationship Meter between the girls

• Akihabara Exploration

• Partial Japanese voice acting

LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 is now available on Steam, Denpasoft, and JAST USA for the promotional price of $5.59 until July 8th, at which point it will cost $6.99. A demo of the game made for the Kickstarter campaign is also available on, though it may not be fully representative of the final product.

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