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Mushi has re-released their comedy trilogy Dumb! on under the pay what you want business model.

Dumb! is a trilogy of comedy visual novels created by Mushi, an independent studio composed of the writer Yoru, artist Haarmades, background artist Anrhapsodist, and programmer DragoonHP. Production of the first two parts of the game had been crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2015, where the project managed to collect well over three times its initial goal. Following the successful crowdfunding campaign, the games were released on April 25th, 2016.

The trilogy follows a young man named Dumb, who’s just as lacking in intelligence as the people he spends time with, including his mother who dresses like a dinosaur, school crush Alice, and pestering tomboy May. Dumb regularly keeps hearing warning voices in his head, and as time passes, realizes that the world around him is nonsensical and each day keeps repeating most of its events, almost as if in a time loop. To uncover his fate, Dumb will have to survive for an entire week in this reality.

The sequels add fantasy and sci-fi elements to the story, as Dumb learns more about himself, his friends, and the world he lives in. The visual novels all contain short stories, with the entire trilogy containing less than four hours of storytelling involving scenes of romance, comedy, and drama. There are 230 illustrations to be found across the three entries, many of which include casual sex scenes between Dumb and the various heroines.

"Dumb" Trilogy

A Visual Novel which tells the story of a not-very-smart man who lives in a world where everyone is as deranged as he is. You will embody Dumb, a very wisdom-lacking character. Your goal is to survive 7 days in a school filled with danger. But this danger is hidden by a whole other truth… will you know how to find the answer?


Here is an old game I made a few years ago. I decided to post it here in case you haven't heard of it.

This game is rather old, so you will forgive any grammatical mistakes that may have been made.

I hope you enjoy this game anyway, it's just a little gift I'm giving you while we wait for the release of our next game, named The Vamp!

Please enjoy.

You can now download the entire Dumb! trilogy from for the price of your choosing. The series is available for Windows and Linux, and supports English and French languages.

If you choose to pay at least $1.99 for the series, you’ll gain access to the COMPLETE FILE version, which contains sketches, illustrations, soundtracks, and additional 146 illustrations.

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