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Remove pins to manipulate water in Adorable Games’ Adorable Witch, a puzzle game published by Lovely Games on Steam.

Adorable Witch is a simple puzzle game with little in terms of story. You follow a blue-haired girl studying at the witch academy, who has to collect flowers from seeds in the dungeon as part of her exams. For the flowers to bloom, the seeds need to be watered with clean water, which you will have to deliver into place while keeping it safe from hazards.

The game features thirty levels in total, with each containing a puddle of water locked behind a metal pin. The goal of the game is to remove the pins so that the water flows towards the seed, letting it flourish and bloom. Some levels also feature devils, who will contaminate the water on touch, or magic circles, which can purify impure water but will also contaminate pure water. If any impure water comes in contact with the seed, you lose the level.

There are ten animated adult scenes in the game, one of which unlocks every three levels. The scenes are animated using live2D and give players the option to hide different parts of the witch’s clothing.

This is a casual strategy game, how to avoid the devil and guide the direction of the water

droplets is the key to clear the game.

The game requires the player to guide the water to drop on the seed by removing the

pins in the scene to ensure that seeds grow and obtained by the character.

The game's plot CG will advance when the character obtains more flowers.

A variety of CG scenes.

Different costume items.

• Cute sexy witch

• Fun and creative pin-drawing gameplay.

• New stages.

• Thirty stages.

• Brand new interactive mode.

• Brand new story waiting for you to discover.

• Includes Japanese

There are different kind of achievements and elegant profile backgrounds waiting for

you to unlock.

Adorable Witch is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $1.79 until the 23rd of June, at which point it will cost $1.99. Adult content for Adorable Witch has to be installed separately through free DLC.

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