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Independent developer Tech_Priest is working on the point-and-click adventure game, Semen Demon, in which you attempt to restore lust to an enchanted town.

Semen Demon is the second adult adventure game developed by Tech_Priest, who had previously developed Star Lust, a sci-fi adventure story about a young girl who awakens sexual powers and joins the defensive war effort against alien invaders, forging many intimate friendships along the way.

Semen Demon follows a young succubus, named Lilith, on her first quest from lord Azmodon. The demon lord noticed that one of the human towns has stopped generating lust entirely. If this issue spreads to other towns, demonkind could starve, and so he sends Lilith to investigate. As it turns out, a high priest had arrived in town, became the local King’s advisor in a mere month, and enchanted the populace with divine magic to suppress their carnal desires. To resolve this setback, Lilith has to defeat the priest, and in order to do so, she will have to corrupt the townsfolk little by little.

The game’s main challenge comes from time management. Lilith can move between the underworld and the human realm to acquire items and solve problems through dialogue and sexual services; however, she won’t be able to overthrow the priest without the support of the people, meaning she’ll have to create minions and help them develop their lust.

Two chapters of the game are available so far, currently featuring just Lilith’s first minion: the desperate barmaid, Emily. For Emily to become helpful to Lilith's cause, she’ll need to train in the underworld, but doing so also means she can’t work at her tavern, a job she can't afford to lose. Balancing the progress of her training and the upkeep of the tavern is one of the first tasks the player will have to learn to balance. Additionally, minions can be upgraded with new skills and improvements, thanks to the local witch and a lot of cum. This places more importance on the player finding more people for Lilith to have sex with as soon as possible.

Tech_Priest creates his work as a hobby and makes his finished games available for free for everyone. You can download both the latest public demo of Semen Demon and the full version of his previous game, Star Lust, from his Patreon page. If you choose to support him, you’ll gain access to new game builds up to two weeks before the public does.

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