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Yuna's Eroge RPG Adventure Road Now Available on Steam

Follow a bounty hunter and his three companions in their search for a missing girl in Adventure road, a turn-based RPG now available on Steam.

Adventure road is a turn-based RPG where you play as Harris, a bounty hunter who accepts a request at the Adventurer’s Guild to find a missing girl. He left on his quest and arrived at Hagar town, where he had intended to recruit teammates. Before he could even start any recruiting, though, Harris met Anna, a shy and cute girl who puts her all into what she sets her heart on. Though it was rather quick, it was love at first sight for Harris and Anna.

Later on, when Harris recruited additional members, he settled on Adoni and Kagura. Adoni was a slut warrior who was also looking for teammates, joining forces with those who would fulfill both of their needs. While she can be forward and energetic most of the time, Adoni can get shy in certain situations. Meanwhile, Kagura is a female ninja easily excited by ghosts and animals. While she may look cold on the outside, she can act pretty outgoing when she is alone. As Harris embarks on his adventure with these girls at his side, they gradually start to fall in love with him.

In the game proper, you will be able to see the enemies on the map and are given the choice to either approach or flee from them. In the game's turn-based battles, you will be able to see each party member's turn at the top of the screen, in order to plan your strategies ahead in battle.

Game features:

- Go on an adventure with the protagonist and gain love on the way.

- Easy to use turn-based combat with rich strategies.

- Various professions and unique skills, each profession has powerful nirvana.

- The monsters who avoid by walking, choose to fight relatively freely.

- Equipped with a synthesis system to make the game experience more interesting.

You can buy Adventure road on Steam for $6.99.

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