Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Woosk and three other contributors have released a fan-translation patch for the Japanese version and the old Steam version of Les Fleursword.

Les Fleursword is an RPG Maker otome game developed by Magic House, which plays more akin to a visual novel. You play as Adelaide, a renowned female knight captain. When she is sent on a mission together with her protégé, Phil, to find an illegal medicine merchant, Adelaide gets cursed by a man claiming to be a magician. Magicians were said to be people of legends, but now it would seem that Adelaide is getting caught up in an old feud between knights and magicians that happened long ago.

The game has three main love interests: your protégé Phil, your knight captain rival Yufia, and the magician that cursed you, Marlowe. After certain sections of the game, you will be given save checkpoints. Unlike your average visual novels, you can’t save immediately before dialogue choices, so keep that in mind.

The fan-translation project for Les Fleusword was headed by woosk, with key contributors SinicalGeek, TheSpector95, and Matth. The patch actually changes two different releases of the game, providing English subtitles to the Japanese version of the game, as well as fixing Les Fleusword's official English release by Sakura Game/Paradise Project on Steam. Seeing as many reviews disliked the poor English translation, woosk worked on the re-translation patch that would provide an improved English translation, with the permission of the game's English publisher.

Source courtesy of Sinical Anime Network:

In 2020, after I worked on the English subtitles for another RPG Maker-based game by SakuraGame, Tales of the Black Forest, the publisher gave me permission to edit any of their RPG Maker-based games. Cleared of this major hurdle, I began to look at several of MagicHouse's titles that I recommended previously, and decided to work on Les Fleursword as a fan translation in my free time based off my own opinions and community feedback.

You can download the fan translation patch for Les Fleursword on Sinical Anime Network, with the instructions for both patches available on the Steam community section. While the game is no longer available on Steam, you can download the re-translation patch if you still happen to own the Steam version. If you want to buy Les Fleusword in Japanese, you can get it from DLsite for 1,430 yen ($13.01), on sale from Digiket for 1,365 yen ($12.40), or from Fanza (DMM) for 1,144 yen ($10.39).

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