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Only a prince’s kiss can break the curse of a girl trapped in a cat’s body in the comedic dating sim, Cat’s Kiss, currently in early access on Steam.

In Cat’s Kiss, XiangLi, a cursed cat, needs to kiss a prince to turn back into a human girl. Her prince must be of noble lineage, and that prince happens to be you, the player. For a so-called “prince,” you're anything but regal since you depend upon V-ber Eats to pay for your rent and student loans. In order to find a more permanent cure for her curse, XiangLi will be staying with you in the interim. While this does mean there's another mouth to feed, at least the apartment has become less lonely.

Cat’s Kiss features a few different gameplay systems, such as the conversation, delivery, props, and late-night systems. The communication system allows you to speak to XiangLi and get to know her better. By choosing the right options, you can get even more intimate with her. The delivery system will give you the option to choose locations for your food delivery route. Choose the best locations that will increase your earnings and then make the delivery on your scooter. For the props, you can buy a variety of items that will make cohabitation more enjoyable, such as drinks, cat toys, and sex toys to play with your cat. You can also try out some catnip too. Finally, the late-night system involves touching, undressing, two sex toys, and one sleeping XianLi. Test her sensitivity and satisfy her until she wakes up. Depending on your intimacy level with her, XiangLi will either continue or kick you out of bed.

According to the game's developers, Narrator, and Storia, Cat’s Kiss is almost finished, but they want to test the game system and collect player feedback first. It's currently expected to be in early access for half a year and once it's completed, there will be more illustrations, events, language availability, an improved UI, daily events, a cat mode, and more. As a result of these additions, the developers expect the game’s price to increase after it leaves early access.

You can buy Cat’s Kiss on Steam for $14.99.

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