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Explore a cursed dungeon in Kagura Games’ Explorers of the Abyss, an adult fantasy RPG now available on multiple storefronts.

Explorers of the Abyss is a fantasy RPG set in the Kingdom of Lescardia. In an unexpected event, the king was cursed by his most trusted mage, who then killed himself. The curse has made the king ill and caused a mysterious dungeon to emerge at the kingdom’s borders. The sprawling structure was nicknamed by the locals as the Abyss. Its depths house dangerous monsters, as well as troves of mystical treasures.

Many people ventured into the Abyss hoping to save the kingdom or gain riches, but most have failed. The king’s daughter, Princess Ovelia, decides to secretly join the efforts and explore the abyss with her diligent bodyguard Hingaiku. On their way there, the pair is joined by Fau, a careless priestess, and Rosche, a bumbling thief. Together, the four heroines hope to find a way to undo the curse and save the king.

Explorers of the Abyss follows a traditional RPG formula, with the player being able to collect quests throughout town and then attempt to resolve them while exploring the dungeon, as they slowly advance to the lowermost depths. The game features four lead heroines, adjustable difficulty settings, and forty adult scenes to discover during sidequests and story events.


The altruistic princess of the Kingdom of Lescardia. Despite her status, she wants to personally brave the dangers of the Abyss to find a way to remove her father’s curse. People are naturally drawn to her kindness, and her skill as a knight means she can handle whatever the Abyss throws at her.


The cat-eared samurai. As Ovelia’s personal bodyguard, she’s determined to make sure no harm comes to the princess while they explore the Abyss. Diligent and strait-laced, her resolve is as sharp as her sword, but this also makes her reluctant to engage in anything sexual.


The starving priestess. An elf with an appetite larger than her wallet. Ovelia pays her tab when she gets in over her head, so she decides to return the favor by helping Ovelia explore the Abyss as the party’s healer. Her sexual appetite is equally voracious, and she’s driven by a strong maternal instinct.


The bumbling thief. A girl so clumsy it’s hard to believe she’s a thief. After Ovelia covers for her in a shoplifting incident, she decides to renounce her life of crime and help the princess. When she’s not busy falling into traps, she’s skilled at opening locked doors and chests.


A revolutionary soldier from another world. Her desire for revolution is second only to her love for vodka. When she sobers up, her T-34 tank is a force to be reckoned with.


A demon lord from another world. She takes up residence in the Abyss and challenges the party to a game. Can they prevail over her and her four sisters?

Explorers of the Abyss is now available on Steam, JAST USA, FAKKU, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $17.99 until June 11th, at which point the game will cost $19.99. The game is also available on MangaGamer for $17.95, where it will later cost $19.95.

Adult content for the Steam version of Explorers of the Abyss has to be installed separately using a free patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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