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Simulation Game Slime VS. Female Hero Party Now Available on DLsite

Defeat a party of heroines in Uzura Studio’s Slime VS. Female Hero Party, a simulation game now available on DLsite.

Slime VS. Female Hero Party is a fantasy sex simulator with RPG elements in which you play as a slime that has been approached by a party of four heroines. While the girls want to defeat the monster, the slime itself plans to abuse them instead. The four girls include a Grappler, a Mage, a Healer, and a Paladin. The game consist solely of abusive battles with each of the girls, preceded by short narration explaining the motivation of why each girl decided to face you.

Each combat scenario in Slime VS. Female Hero Party functions as a separate level. The player can touch various erogenous zones on the enemy’s body using their formless slime mass. The slime receives experience by touching the heroine, meanwhile, she builds up her attack meter while losing life. Once the attack meter fills up completely, the heroine takes her turn attacking the player, forcing them to shoot down the girl’s attacks. Gained experience can be used to unlock new ways to touch the girl, with each body part having four forms of interaction. As the heroine’s health drops, the player will also gain access to new poses, with three being available for each heroine. In addition to the interactive combat segments, beating the game unlocks a gallery mode.

In this game you, as a slime, defeat four female heroes.

Because you play as a shape-shifting slime, the motions have been designed to evoke this slime-ness property.

The game will continue until either all four heroines or the slime have been defeated.

There are four different ways to touch a girl's body (touching, tickling, etc.) and these ways are unlocked by leveling up.

If the attack gauge fills up the heroine will go into attack mode, during which you are put on the defensive.

If you fail to defend against her attacks, the slime will lose.

As the heroine loses more and more life, new poses will be unlocked. There are 3 poses per heroine.

When the heroine's life reaches zero the slime is victorious.

The goal of the game is to defeat all 4 heroines.

Upon clearing the game the still image gallery will be unlocked.

You can adjust the game's resolution with the Z, X, C and V keys.

Slime VS. Female Hero Party is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $9.12 (estimated from ¥1,001) until the 29th of June, at which point it will cost $13.02 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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