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A young demon lord defends his domain from heroines in Hentai Industries’ Trap Dungeon! The New Demon Lord's First Job, a strategy game now available on DLsite.

Trap Dungeon! The New Demon Lord's First Job is a fantasy game playing out from the perspective of the nation of monsters, Daemonland. Currently ruled by a young heir, Demon Lord Claude, the Daemonland is located in a deep, dark forest, filled with ancient ruins, labyrinths, and the remnants of wars with other worlds. As such, it is filled with both magical treasures and monstrous beings seen as foul by the humans. This makes Daemonland attractive to adventurers who want to make a name for themselves and find powerful new items to arm themselves with.

The game’s protagonist is Daemonland’s young heir, Demon Lord Claude, who’s sitting down on the throne for the first time. The early days of his rule won’t be easy, as four powerful adventurers from the Western Kingdom have been spotted making their way directly to Daemonland. Thankfully, Claude won’t have to face them alone, as five demonic generals will offer him advice and support in defending the kingdom.

Trap Dungeon! The New Demon Lord's First Job is the fourth game in Hentai Industry’s Trap Dungeon series. It closely follows the gameplay formula of the previous entries, with the player having to place traps throughout the levels of a dungeon to stop various heroines from conquering it. As the heroines are damaged by the traps, their armor will shred, until they’re left weakened and naked, at which point they will be abused by the dungeon’s residents. The game features 170 CGs, including their variants, created by the series’ artist Chushin Kranosuke.


Demon Lord Claude:

The very recent successor to Daemoland's founder, the Demon Emperor Gyzen.

Nobody knows where he's from, by Gyzen seems to have found him somewhere.

He's about as strong as he looks and couldn't defeat even a single demon by himself, but all his subjects adore him, thinking of him as "the young master". He's supported by five very powerful attendants.

The Five Associates:

The heads of each monster tribe who work to support Claude.

Their names are Demi-Human King Gamon, Beastlord Nata, Dark Priest Yakram, Ghost Ruler Hadyn, and Malice of the Dark Forest. hey work on Claude's behalf to rid the kingdom of the invading heroes.

The Fiver Heroines:

Angel-class adventurers who have infiltrated Daemoland from the Western territories. Each one is a hero who holds a special relic, and has pointed their overwhelming power directly at the demon lord! The soldier Astoria is their leader, and she's followed by Categina the mage, priestess Rita, and Marikka the fighter.

Queen of the West, Zabine IV

The ruler of the Western Territories. She's one of the 52 heroes who fought against the invaders from the other world, and is supposedly an old acquaintance of Demon Emperor Gyzen.

Trap Dungeon! The New Demon Lord's First Job is now available on DLsite for $21.00 (estimated from ¥2,310).

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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