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Escape from a succubus’ mansion in Kaguya’s Maid X Demon: Mari's First Job, a puzzle adventure game now available on Itch.io.

Maid X Demon: Mari's First Job is a puzzle adventure game following the titular maid Mari. On her first day of work, as Mari is about to enter a large mansion she was hired to clean, a portal opens. She’s teleported into the mansion’s underground and there, she’s approached by her new boss, mistress Noel, who reveals that she’s a succubus who spends her day experimenting on various creatures. Noel is interested in hiring the young maid but only if she shows potential. To test Mari's capabilities, Noel devises a test: she will open Mari's holding cell and all she has to do is find the mistress somewhere in the mansion. If she fails, she will become a sex slave to the succubus instead.

Naturally, Mari has no intention of playing this wicked game and decides to flee the mansion the first chance she gets. She finds it not to be an easy task as the mansion is crawling with Noel’s escaped pets, who are starved for sex and have no regard for consent. To make the matter worse, Noel has left Mari a book of tentacles, which abused and cursed he. if Mari has sex before the day ends, she will become addicted to it.

The gameplay of Maid X Demon: Mari's First Job relies on exploration and problem-solving. The player has to traverse the mansion as Mari looking for useful items in order to overcome obstacles. There’s a total of ten base CGs with over a hundred variants to discover, with Mari being abused by monsters, animals, and futanari characters. Seen events can be later viewed in the game’s gallery or scene replay mode.


Do you know the stories like this? You've come to get a very good job... but you suddenly realize that it's not as great as you thought.

The story about our heroine, the young maid Mari, is no exception. She got caught in a trap on her first job. A trap that cursed her with an addiction to sex! Now Mari must figure out how to remove the curse, if she can that is...


• 10 base CGs with 102 variations

• Hours of Story

• Unlockable Artwork & Scene Replay

The game contains:

• Anal Sex


• Creampie

• Futanari

• Mind Control

• Monster Girl

• Rape

• Tentacles

If you are having any sort of problems, please contact us here or through our email that is available in our site.

All characters described and visually represented in this game are over 18 years of age, and no actual, nor identifiable minor was used in the production of this game.

Maid X Demon: Mari's First Job is now available on Itch.io for $14.06.

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