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Restore mana to the Elf Kingdom and save your people from monsters in the action RPG, Elf Crisis -An adventure of the holy princess-, now available on DLsite.

Elf Crisis -An adventure of the holy princess- is an action RPG developed by Studio Cute. The game is set within the kingdom of Quila, a spiritual kingdom where the elves reside. Elves live longer than humans and have a special affinity for magic, but they dislike battles. In order to avoid conflict, the elves have used mana to construct barriers to hide the kingdom of Quila away from everyone.

While Princess Elus Royalvish was in the middle of a magic-granting ceremony, the kingdom’s barrier was destroyed and the elves found that they could no longer use magic. Monsters soon entered the kingdom, already killing and raping elves. Even though Elus lost her magical prowess, she was determined to fight back, but also becomes tortured by the monsters. When Methius, her grandfather, saves her by splashing the monsters with holy water, he tells her that she must “find a hero-level human.” Following his words, Princess Elus leaves her kingdom for the first time, in search of the human hero.

Elf Crisis -An adventure of the holy princess- is an action RPG where you will be moving freely as you attack the monsters with the A key. When you gain magic skills, you can switch them out and use them in battle using the S and D keys. As you take damage, Elus’ armor will begin to break, though she won’t be left completely naked. If she's defeated in battle, the monsters will rape her and she will spawn back at the last checkpoint, with any items you collected beforehand still kept in your inventory. Additionally, if raped enough times, Elus can even get pregnant.

Elus also has an erotic level that prevents her from doing certain sexual actions unless she has gained enough experience. In this case, she won’t take her clothes off and go completely naked unless she has a high erotic level. Moreover, to earn money, Elus can prostitute herself in the red light district. This will help you earn the money you need for weapons, armor, and healing potions. Finally, the game also features normal and easy difficulty modes, as well as a cheat-enabled mode.

You can buy Elf Crisis -An adventure of the holy princess- on DLsite for the discounted price of $10.44 (approximately 1,144 yen). After June 26th, the sale will end and the game will return to its retail price of $13.05 (1,430 yen). Additionally, there's a demo available on the store page if you want to try out the game for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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