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Win the right to live luxuriously in Empress’s Closed GAME, a post-apocalyptic visual novel now available on JAST USA.

In the world of Closed GAME, Earth is running out of natural resources, which has created a huge divide between the rich and poor. Those living on Earth have to fight for whatever scraps of comfort they can get. Meanwhile, the so-called Heaveners enjoy a luxurious life at the top of a place called Caelum Urbs. Normally, it’s impossible to become a Heavener unless you’ve been born as one; however, an unusual opportunity has presented itself, as the Heaveners have started a new entertainment show known as the Closed GAME. It's a deadly tournament that most won’t survive, but those who do will be able to leave their worries behind and join the people of Caelum Urbs.


With the Earth's natural resources drying up, and the divide between the rich and poor widening, society has all but collapsed. But turn your head towards the heavens and you may find hope in a place called Caelum Urbs. Those few born in that city in the sky never experience want, hunger, or disease. It's a life those born on Earth could only dream of... until now.

Survive the Closed Game – a horrifying killing game gauntlet – and you'll be rocketed to a new beginning as one of the "Heaveners" of Caelum Urbs. It may be pure entertainment for some debauched soul, but what have you got to lose?

With art by the legendary Japanese artist, Seishoujo (from Starless and Bible Black fame), Closed GAME evolves from his previous works, culminating in an epic eroge visual novel that is filled with exciting choices that will impact your story and survivability in this ruthless death game.


- Participate in the Closed GAME alongside a group of interesting characters.

- Survive with your team, or be on your own. You decide your destiny!

- Closed GAME is filled with dangerous humans and monsters. Think carefully about your next step.

- Beautiful art by the legendary artist, Seishoujo (Starless, Bible Black).


Closed GAME is now available on JAST USA at the promotional price of $31.49, where it will later cost $34.99. A physical collector's edition of the game, featuring a DVD copy of Closed GAME, an OST, a tin case, a poster with removable vinyl stickers, an eight-sided paper die, Celicia’s Dog Tags, and a download code for the game is available on J-List for $149.99.

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