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Demo for Puzzle Game Slime Girl Smoothies Is Available on

Mix drinks with slime girl tits in Shady Corner’s new erotic puzzle game. The demo for Slime Girl Smoothies is now on

Slime Girl Smoothies has you working at a Slimey’s, a bar that has a strange yet popular method for preparing drinks. You’ll be working with four slime girls: the manager Berry, her daughter Cherry, along with your two new coworkers, Mint and Plum. Work more shifts with them and they’ll show you more than their usual drink mix techniques.

You start by choosing which slime girl you would like to work with. If you successfully complete the shift with her, you’ll make memories with her, and unlock sexy pictures of her. For each shift, you will receive a drink order and a hexagonal stat graph with the flavors it should have. On the right side there is a lineup of fruits for you to choose from. Each one contains different colors. Pick a fruit and place it in the cup to increase the stats of the drink you are creating. The fruit will appear in the cup as tetramino-like blocks. Each turn, a new lineup of fruits will appear and, if you don’t like what shows up, you can switch it up for a new one. However, you will waste your turn in doing so. Keep in mind that you only have fifteen turns to make each drink.

As you are stacking fruits in the cup, pay attention to where you place them. You need to get all the required flavors and make sure all the fruits fit in the cup. Neatly organize the fruit in the cup or else the cup will overflow. To help, you can use the horizontal and vertical cutters to cut off the pieces of blocks that you don’t want. This allows you make the blocks smaller to fit in more narrow spaces or add a small amount of flavor to the drink. If you end up having to dump out a drink, it will count as a failure and you will move on to making the next drink. You can only fail two times before you have to start your shift from the beginning.

You can play the demo for Slime Girl Smoothies on Shady Corner also plans to release the game on Steam sometime in the future. If you enjoy the demo and wish to support the developer, consider checking out their Patreon page.

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