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Tower Defense Game Plunderers Adventures: Sea of Whores Now Available on Steam and Itch.io.

Shoot down waves of pirates in Phracassado of the Deep and Ruhtra’s Plunderers Adventures: Sea of Whores, a tower defense game published by Hentai Room on Steam and Itch.io.

Plunderers Adventures: Sea of Whores follows a young pirate captain who embarks on an adventure to loot treasures hidden by legendary pirates of the past. The game features a short campaign with story segments as well as an endless mode. In each level of the game, you take control of either the captain or a buccaneer and defend your crew against waves of oncoming pirates, privateers, and monsters.

Each girl can shoot her weapon and use two unique skills. Killing enemies rewards the player with gold that can be spent on ship upgrades, increasing the power of your basic attack, strengthening skills, or shortening their cooldown. Each completed level of the story mode unlocks a new image that becomes available in the gallery. Playing through the endless mode, the player can unlock nude versions of pictures from the story.

This game simulates a micro tower defense in which you have to protect Annie's and Riley's pirate ship. By moving around four lanes while shooting skills, your goal is to beat the opponents before they reach the girls behind the protagonists. During the gameplay, you can improve your skills, receive unique bonuses, and face monsters with powerful auras that can provide their friends' extra speed, stun resistance, etc.


• Play with 2 powerful girls (a shooter and a buccaneer);

• Defeat different enemy types;

• Experience dynamic combat (different types of skills);

• Get pieces of a narrative and access the whole story through a gallery;

• Create unique strategies by understating the status system (slow, stun, speed, etc.);

• Play an endless mode and remove the girls' clothes;

Plunderers Adventures: Sea of Whores is now available on Steam and Itch.io for $3.99.

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