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Transform a messy, homeless girl into a beautiful mistress in Appetite's erotic visual novel, The Makings of a Lady - Purity Yours to Defile -, now available on Steam.

Developed by Appetite and published by Tensei Games, The Makings of a Lady - Purity Yours to Defile - puts you in the role of an eccentric nobleman named Richard. While wandering in an impoverished area around the castle walls, he spots a small figure next to a large pile of garbage in a corner outside the building. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a girl with mop-like hair and a baggy outfit that barely fit her.

Richard brought her home with him and provided her with food, a bath, and new clothes. Once Richard cleaned her up, he realized how beautiful she really was. The poor girl, whose name was Chien, had been abandoned and forced to live out on the streets, but still maintained her virginity in this time. Richard decided to train her sexually, and due to her own naivete, she neither questions nor refuses any of his orders.

"What a horrible smell."

Although this is an area within the castle lands,

this is an area where mostly peasants live.

There is a large garbage heap hidden in the shadow of a building.

I notice a small figure buried in the garbage."Are you a woman?"

The dirty girl nods curtly.

I take that girl home.

When we return to the mansion, I make her take a bath, clothe her…Then, I am proud to say I can see just how fine a woman she is.

The woman in front of me

shines with a purity no other person has.

You can buy The Makings of a Lady - Purity Yours to Defile - on Steam for $13.99.

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