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The third chapter of mini visual novel series Lola’s Adventures is available on Itch.io.

Lola’s Adventures - Chapter 3 is the latest chapter of Mushi’s monthly visual novel series, Lola’s Adventures. The first two chapters introduced Lola, who realizes she has a type of charm. She has noticed that men started looking at her more differently and are drawn to her. Whatever it is, it causes them and male creatures to rape her. Lola decided to go on an adventure to find out just what this charm of hers is and if she can cure it. Without any real plan or leads to go on, she boards a ship, befriends the captain, Rose, and just follows her to wherever she is sailing.

In chapter three, Lola and Rose head into town to stock up on some provisions. Lola is worried that her charms will take effect on them again if she goes with her to town, but Rose convinces her to come along. While Rose is shopping, Lola waits outside for her when she overhears a conversation about an old man with a magic staff that grants wishes. Should she go alone or wait for Rose? You can choose one of those options in this chapter.

In this chapter, Lola and Rose need to stop in town.

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You can play Lola’s Adventures - Chapter 3 for free on Itch.io. If you want to play the alternate route, as well as chapter 4, it's available if you're a $10 per month patron of Mushi's Patreon.

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