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Disclaimer: This article is about a sale organized by MonsterBox, who is associated with Critical Bliss, a publishing company owned by LewdLogic, the owner of LewdGamer. Critical Bliss is also the publisher of some games included in the bundle, as noted next to their listing in the article.

Publishing company MonsterBox has organized a sale of lewd games from various developers on Itch.io.

To celebrate Itch.io's first Creator Day, as well as poking fun of Apple's attempts to make Epic Games' look bad due to its partnership with Itch.io, MonsterBox has joined together with a variety of lewd games’ developers on Itch.io to launch a large sale, offering thirty-seven adult titles at reduced prices. Revenue from games bought on May 14th will be given in its entirety to the creators, with Itch.io omitting their usual fees.

The UNSPEAKABLE GAMES SALE! features the following games, comics, and books at reduced prices:

Boy Milk Shop, by Lavey_otokonoko - games: $3.30 $2.47 (estimated from $4.00 and $3.00 CAD (-25%))

Coco Nutshake, by Ahegames: $3.60 $1.80 (-50%)

Codex Libido : Oriens, an erotic art book by Siluman Soft: $5.99 $4.49 (-25%)

Codex Libido Mundus, an erotic art book by Siluman Soft: $6.99 $5.24 (-25%)

Crimson Gray, by SierraLee: $9.99 $4.99 (-50%)

Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn, by SierraLee: $4.99 $2.49 (-50%)

Demon King Domination: Deluxe Edition, by Belgerum: $4.99 $3.74 (-25%)

Desecration of Wings, by SierraLee: $14.99 $7.49 (-50%)

LiByDo - Chad Neet Prostitute Life, an adult comic by Siluman Soft: $3.99 $2.99 (-25%)

Elewder, developed by Kinky Fridays and published by Critical Bliss: $19.99 $14.99 (-25%)

Elf Enchanter: Arousing Anima, by Belgerum: $1.00 $0.75 (-25%)

Flambeau, by Shady Corner: $7.73 $5.80 (estimated from $9.99 and $7.49 AUD) (-25%)

Frisky Fright, by furrgroup: $3.50 $2.62 (-25%)

Ghost Love, by furrgroup: $5.00 $3.75 (-25%)

Give an Imp a Chance!, by BuxomDev: $5.00 $3.75 (-25%)

Indecent Lives of Monster Girls, an adult book by outismedia: $2.50 $1.87 (-25%)

Irresistible Final Cut, by Hotpink: $3.00 $5.00 (-40%)

Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy, by Ahegames: $4.20 $2.10 (-50%)

Lewdware + Moody Moo-Moo DLC, by Shady Corner: $7.73 $5.80 (estimated from $9.99 and $7.49 AUD) (-25%)

Lucy Got Problems (Uncensored), by FlatChest: $7.99 $4.31 (-46%)

Magebuster: Amorous Augury, by Belgerum: $4.99 $3.74 (-25%)

Maid Mansion, by Crazy Cactus Entertainment and Belgerum, published by Critical Bliss: $14.99 $11.99 (-20%)

Marble Maid, by Shady Corner: $9.29 $6.97 (estimated from $12.00 and $9.00 AUD) (-25%)

Monster Girl Sketch Vol.02 - Side A, an erotic art book by Siluman Soft: $3.49 $2.61 (-25%)

Monster Girl Sketch Vol.02 - Side B, an erotic art book by Siluman Soft: $3.49 $2.61 (-25%)

Naughty Sandbox, by Naughty Sandbox: $5.99 $4.49

Naughty Sandbox DLC: Medieval House Environment, by Naughty Sandbox: $2.99 $2.24

Naughty Sandbox DLC: Space Environment, by Naughty Sandbox: $2.99 $2.24 (-25%)

A Night With A Bat Girl, by furrgroup: $5.00 $3.75 (-25%)

Oppai Desuyo!, an erotic comic by Siluman Soft: $4.99 $3.74 (-25%)

Ouroboros, by SierraLee: $4.99 $2.49 (-50%)

Pieces of my Heart, by developed by Kinky Fridays and published by Critical Bliss: $9.99 $7.49 (-25%)

Shady Lewd Kart, by Shady Corner: $15.48 $11.61 (estimated from $19.99 and $14.99 AUD) (-25%)

Siluman Fantasy, by Siluman Soft: $7.99 $5.99 (-25%)

Steamy Sextet, by Belgerum: $2.99 $2.24 (-25%)

Sylvie's Bar: Lonely Hearts Special, an adult comic by outismedia: $3.50 $2.62 (-25%)

Tentacle Tower Defense, by alynte: $12.50 $10.00 (-20%)

Additionally, Belgerum and CrazyCactus have created a bundle featuring five adult games available as part of the sale for $19.99, offering 30% off the total price.

The first title included is Demon King Domination: Deluxe Edition, a short simulation RPG where you play as Malos, the evil ruler of the demon realm, who has declared war on humanity, spreading death and destruction with his army. The game begins when humanity's fiercest warrior, Princess Dianne, comes for your head. The game features a boss fight against her and a branching narrative with three unique endings.

Elf Enchanter: Arousing Anima follows Ray, an insecure mage specialized in supportive magic. One day, while hunting slimes with a drow companion, he casts a monster taming spell that hits her instead. As a result, she becomes incredibly submissive and obedient. The story features two endings, which depend on how you treat your companion once she becomes charmed by your magic.

Magebuster: Amorous Augury, another game by Belgerum, follows a similar formula as Demon King Domination. This time, you play as a powerful spirit summoned by an arrogant mage. Without much consideration, the summoner challenges you to a fight, hoping to enslave you. The game features six endings, which are determined depending on your interactions with the summoner and the outcome of the fight.

Maid Mansion is a mystery story about a strange mansion, which the protagonist inherits after their grandfather’s death. For some reason, a government inspector keeps a close eye on the mansion, and the maids working there act somewhat strangely. Additionally, the protagonist’s grandfather demanded that if his grandson is to inherit the mansion, he's not allowed to fire the head maid, Takako. The visual novel features a branching narrative with twenty endings, fifty CGs, and multiple romanceable characters. This game has been published by Critical Bliss.

Steamy Sextet is a story about six women: a harsh knight captain, a thieving fox girl, an aloof mage researcher, a lonely forest guardian, a noble princess, and an arrogant demon queen, who all cross path with the visual novel’s protagonist, the Hero of Legend. Each heroine has her own fully voiced story and erotic content to experience.

The UNSPEAKABLE GAMES SALE! will last from May 14th to May 17th, while the Belgerum + CrazyCactus Unspeakable Games Sale bundle will be available until June 13th.

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