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Only you can save a race of metallic aliens from extinction in Melting Point, a game that blends dating sim, visual novel, and RPG elements, now available on

Melting Point puts you in the shoes of a solitary blacksmith who discovered an alien ship crashed on the beach outside your house one night. Inside the wreckage, you find a strange metallic-looking girl, who is missing a couple of limbs. After repairing her body in your forge, she tells you that she is a Tin from the planet Aestrum and that there are other Metals on her planet like her. The space ship she was flying was shot down by Furna, aliens made from lava that reside on the planet Ustrina, who have been at war with the Metals and want them extinct. So far, the Metals have been losing the war since they can only melt against the enemy’s lava. Then, Tin comes up with the idea for you to come to her home planet and help her people win against the Furna.

Melting Point is made up of multiple game styles wrapped into one. When repairing Metals, there is a timed mini-game where you have to click parts of her body at the right time and fill up a bar, with a ranking given to the player based on how well you did. There's also an RPG combat system for when the Metals are fighting against the Furna, with turn order shown in real-time; the colored bar at the top of the screen indicates the time between each turn, and the icons of each character will show when their turn comes in battle. In the demo, you will only have Tin available, but in the full game, there will be more metallic girls in your party. You'll also be able to upgrade your Metals with better weapons and equipment.

-Full Game Features Currently Planned-

- 8+ Hours of Gameplay

- An epic tale told over 3 main story acts, following the story of a blacksmith supporting a group of metallic girls.

- 9 Dateable Women inspired by the Metals of the Periodic Table

- 2D Realtime Tactics Combat System.

- Completely Animated Dialogue Portraits

- Animated Romance Illustrations.

- Voice acting for all important story scenes, mini-games, combat, and romance scenes.

- "Harem" content for multiple love interests at once.

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