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Princess Miiko has become the Frontier King, but nothing prepared her for the sexual assault that comes with the job in shoku’s Frontier King Miiko, now available on DLsite.

Frontier King Miiko stars the titular character Miiko, a princess who was just declared the Frontier King of a small region by her stepfather, the current king of the kingdom. After her mother, the queen, died from an illness, Miiko was not accepted as the next ruler of the kingdom. Miiko wants to do a good job for the sake of the kingdom and her new territory, but the tasks as the new Frontier King are nothing she expected.

The game has classic turn-based combat with mostly random encounters and animated scenes. Miiko will be animated whenever she uses a normal attack, special attack, or takes damage. When Miiko takes damage and loses health, her clothes will get torn. Her sprite changes when she takes on status effects as well.

Enemies and companions alike are able to rape her during battle, and even participate in a double gangbang. If Miiko is violated by a companion, she will not receive damage, but she can receive a stat buff. On the other hand, the enemies will damage her. If everyone in your party is knocked out, everyone will be revived with full health and magic.

Miiko also has the ability to violate enemies. There are four ways she can violate them: handjob, blowjob, vaginal sex, and anal sex. As Miiko improves at each technique, they will level up and damage the enemy even more. Every time she receives a vaginal cumshot, she will ovulate and her fertilization rate will increase till she gets pregnant. Even while pregnant, Miiko can still violate and be raped by enemies.

Miiko has a lewd degree that will change the more times she has sex. As her level increases, she will depict herself differently. Below a lewd degree of 100, she will act shy and clean herself up immediately after being raped. With a lewd degree above 100, she is willing to walk around naked, wear sex toys, has a higher chance of getting pregnant, and more.

[Protagonist H]

- Public toilet deflowering

- Time-stop violation

- Anal

- Stepfather sex

- Hypnotized sex

- Vibrator masturbation

- Sleep sex

- Gangbang

- Prostitution

- Ass in the wall

- Tentacle sex


[Non-protagonist H]

- Drugs

- Irrumatio

- Semen drinking

- Urination

- Preg-belly sex

- Orc sex

- Squirting

- Public violation


You can Frontier King Miiko on DLsite for ¥1,650 yen (approximately $15.05 USD). There is also a demo with a short intro of the game available if you would like to try it out first.

To ensure the game functions properly, you may need to have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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