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An independent developer known as AntiZero is working on Captain Hardcore, a VR sandbox title meant to evolve into an action game in the future.

Captain Hardcore is a VR sex simulation sandbox being developed by AntiZero. His full plan is to create a VR action-adventure game where the player will explore planets and space stations as a captain of a sizable spaceship, traveling the galaxy in search of the most lustful women in existence to add to his crew in the name of science. Currently, AntiZero is working on developing the core systems that will be at the center of the experience, and in doing so, has already created a reasonably robust VR sandbox experience.

Playing the current version of the game, the player can interact with a customizable, high-poly female character, using simulated hands or a collection of fourteen sex toys. Captain Hardcore features the ability to record custom animations for characters using motion controllers and provides the player with the ability to customize, save, and load scenes for future replays. By attaching a controller or a Vive tracker to a fleshlight, the game can also keep track of a character’s hips.

Currently, AntiZero is working on improving interactions with the characters, adding facial animations and male characters, as well as expanding the existing content with more sex toys. Captain Hardcore is currently playable on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Rift S, Oculus Quest via link cable, the Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. The game can also be played without a VR headset, using just a mouse and keyboard.

The game is in the early stages of development. The core systems and UI are being worked on and made into something that functions smoothly before I start adding a lot of content. The plan is to deliver the main sex mechanics and sandbox mode before adding any story or other game mechanics.

The ship level design is complete and is a nice place to create scenes and play around. There's not much to interact with yet but later on this will become the central hub of the game and I have plans for what will be in each room. AI characters will walk around and you'll be able to give them orders or engage in dialogue.

I have some more ambitious ideas that I'd like to try if I reach enough funding and the sex part of the game is complete, including missions on board space stations or even planets and extra locations to discover. Maybe even combat mechanics with some interesting adult themed weapons. I have a whole story and game mechanics planned for a procedurally generated first person/VR shooter, but this is for much much later and for now I'll just focus on the sex stuff!.

Currently it's being worked on full time by just me - I may be one person, but I do the work of 5! Depending on the level of support I get here, I would like to continue working hard on the game, and perhaps enlist the help of some artists/animators when it reaches that stage.

The ultimate goal is to get the game completed and released on as many stores as possible, including Steam. I've already put an enormous amount of time and effort into it, and if I receive enough funds to continue working then that's what I'll be doing. I don't know at this early stage how far it's going to go, and I'm also unsure about the best way to set up the Patreon tiers and rewards - I'm just doing this because I love making games and I think I have something different to offer the adult gaming genre. I'm totally committed to making Captain Hardcore the best game I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, we'll see where the journey takes us!

A free demo of Captain Hardcore is available on You can learn more about the project and support AntiZero on their Patreon. Patrons gain access to more expansive versions of the game, with the $10 supporters having access to the latest build and those who pledge $20 being able to test more experimental features.

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