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Rollogonde’s choice heavy NTR visual novel, A Quaint Tale of Love, High Adventure, and Intramale Competition is now available on

A Quaint Tale of Love, High Adventure, and Intramale Competition is a comical story where you play as an adventurer named Mariole, their name can be changed, who enters a tavern with his companion and lover, Manou. Inside you meet Henri and Natacha, another adventuring couple. Henri is a large beast of a man and Natacha is a tomboy with a nice ass. After this encounter, you will either become the cuck or the one who cucks. Will you win over Natacha or will Henri steal Manou away right in front of you? How this night ends is based on your choices.

This text-based game gives choices every few seconds. Your choices and statements reflect how the rest of the characters see you and what type of person you become. If you come off as nice and meek, your available choices will be reflected as such. If you appear more dominant, you will have the options to be more forward. Accompanied with the story are classical paintings and music. The game does not have any full screen explicit imagery, but focuses more on the writing.


- A very horny game. I am deeply ashamed of it.

- A short experience: the game is tight and to the point. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the end.

- Tons of choices, choices that matter: this is not a passive experience. You'll never have to read more than a few lines of text before having to make a choice; and (almost) all of them will have some sort of consequence.

- Highly replayable: As a result of the above, you won't see more than a third of the game in a single playthrough. You'll probably still find new things up until your 5th or 6th run.

- A classy dressing: an allegorical use of the great paintings of yore, coupled with (mostly) baroque and classical music makes for the pretentious experience we all secretly long for.

- It is a finished product and it is completely free, for I am a man of the people.

You can find A Quaint Tale of Love, High Adventure, and Intramale Competition listed as "name your own price" on

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