Daddy is coming

Explore a new and bustier version of Ancient Rome as you obtain power, fame, and titfucks in Funbag Fantasy 3if.

Funbag Fantasy 3if takes place in the city of Doronium, located in a Gernia province. Canecone, a member of the city council, sent his new slave Paia to look for mushrooms. While on her search, Paia accidentally stepped onto Medusa’s sacred grounds, causing the goddess to curse her by turning Paia's hair and legs into snakes. When she returned to the Doronium, the cursed Paia entered the city amphitheater, all the guards and gladiators were petrified, creating mass panic among the spectators.

The the city's top officials, the duumviri as well as the city council members, tried to find a way to the monster; however, they came up empty. While they continued their discussion, the trees around the amphitheater turned to stone as a petrifying wave was slowly consuming the city. After finally coming up with a plan, the group obtained the aid of the famous sibyl Zoe, who would summon the lowly and obscure god Julinas. Since Julinas is a close friend with Medusa, he could probably lift the curse.

To hold the ritual, the city council members gathered Destra and Escelda, the women with the greatest breasts in Doronium. With their help, they successfully summoned Julinas to the human world. After they explain what happened to him, Julinas lifted the curse from Doronium. To thank him, Destra and Escelda offered him titjobs. Julinas has not experienced such pleasure for all of his five hundred years as a god. He knew this pleasure was short lived. According to divine laws, gods could only spend a few days in the human world. Julinas has to return to the Underworld eventually, but he still wants more of that pleasure.

This new tale of Funbag Fantasy takes place in a whole new world modeled after Ancient Rome and follows the divine journey of Julinas, the god of titjobs! With no followers and no divine power of his own, a summons to deal with a small village crisis begins his rise to fame, power, and boundless bosoms! This epic journey will take Julinas all the way from the Underworld to Empyrian with over 9 different heroines, both human and divine, ready to worship your glory in the biggest title of the Funbag Fantasy franchise! Are you ready to seize some tits and claim your seat on Olympus?

You can buy Funbag Fantasy 3if on sale for $40.45 on MangaGamer and $40.49 on Steam. After May 13th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will return to $44.99.

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