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An abducted yuki-onna tries to escape back to her home country in potato-life’s RPG, Snow-Swept Quest, now available on multiple different storefronts.

Developed by potato-life and published by Kagura Games, Snow-Swept Quest is a turn-based RPG about a yuki-onna, a snow woman from Japanese folklore, who is kidnapped by slavers. Saya was a yuki-onna who spent a peaceful, yet lonely life in the Eastern Continent. This quiet life of hers was cut short when two slavers, known as the Orc Brothers, kidnapped her with the intent to sell her somewhere in the Western Continent. When Saya escaped, she found herself in a foreign land, completely different from the Eastern sights she was used to.

Gathering whatever courage she still had left, Saya was determined to go back home and escape her captors for good, but that’s easier said than done. She'll need money if she wants to travel back to the Eastern Continent by boat, and while Saya doesn’t have much work experience, she'll do what she must for her goal. Humans and monsters see demon women as sexual playthings, so she's bound to get into trouble eventually. Will she ever make it back home or do the obstacles of the Western Continent have other plans in store for her?


- Classic RPG Experience

- Turn-based Combat

- Leveling System

- Skill System

- Fantasy Setting

You can buy Snow-Swept Quest on sale for $8.99 on Steam, Denpasoft, JAST USA, and FAKKU, or MangaGamer for $8.95. After May 7th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will increase back up to $9.99. Additionally, there is an 18+ patch available on Kagura Games’ site.

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